All installed and up & running.

I am simply DELIGHTED with this brilliant product!

Every home should have one!


I bought a SOLiC 200 from you last year and thought you might be interested to know that even as bad a winter as it has been, from January to the middle of March, it has saved me money.


This simple to understand product gives a full tank of hot water each day from my solar installation costing me nothing.  The override facility allows me to heat the hot water if a cloudy day or in winter at a fraction of the cost of using the boiler.  A must buy product if you have a PV solar installation.  Also great service from the company.


I’m very pleased with my SOLiC200 and have been singing its praises to others who have or are considering solar power.

B Adams

I’d just like to say the SOLiC 200 is fantastic. We’ve had it installed for over a month and haven’t needed to turn the boiler on yet – and it’s nearly November!

Mr W. Wrexham

I am a fussy person, but the SOLiC 200 has blown me away. If I see a house with PV on it I have the urge to tell the people living there about the SOLiC 200 and how happy I am to get free hot water every day. It is the perfect addition to any solar PV system as it’s just fit and forget. It is a well-engineered and compact product. It should be fitted as standard in my view.

Chris Lowery

What a great product – Simple, safe and solid

D Bartholomew, Staffs

Having had a SOLiC 200 installed a couple of weeks ago I’ve been able to forget all about it – until I turn on the hot tap and am reminded how much money I’m saving.

Ms Salter, Bristol

I purchased one of these boxes last month and I have to say, I am  surprised at the amount of hot water I have managed to produce for  free! It works really well on cold, sunny days but I have noticed it’s also effective when the weather is more overcast. Great investment!l

Mrs F, Surrey

Well my two teenage daughters now have an endless, free supply of hot water for their constant showers so happy family all round! Thank you for such a great product!

Mrs C, Letchworth, Herts.

I hadn’t realised just how much money I could save using this wonderful box. My electrician installed it with little fuss and I just let it do the work for me. Simple, clean design and lots of free hot water – what’s not to like?

Mr.B, Caversham, West Berks.