Technical Specification

SOLiC 200 features

Operation voltage: 230VAC mains single phase 50Hz
Mains voltage: 205 – 260VAC
Power consumption: 0.025W (at 230VAC)
Active current: 0.005A
Transfer efficiency: 99.6% (at max power)
Max load current surge: 600A for 10ms
Continuous load current: 13A
Mains frequency tolerance at 50Hz: nominally 2Hz
Operating temperature: 0 to 60C
Storage temperature: –20 to +75C
Operating and storage humidity: 10 to 90%, non condensing
Max impact force: 12G
Lightning and ESD protection: to 1.8kV
Current tracking accuracy: better than 90%
Export threshold: 0W
Audible noise emissions: below 10dBA
RFI (EMC) emissions: below -52dBW
Max power dissipation at 3kW output: 12W
Internal fuse: 250V 500mA 20mm slow blow
Insulation resistance: above 10M Ohms
Case isolation protection: better than 2.0kV
Case dimensions: 161 x 105 x 57mm
Total mass as supplied: 625g