SOLiC 200 – The Ideal Retrofit Product

SOLiC 200 – The Ideal Retrofit Product

The SOLiC 200 from Earthwise products Ltd is the perfect retrofit product to help solar installers bolster sales during the quieter winter months. Earthwise Products supports installers with customised marketing material, online listings and UK-based technical support.

Iain McRitchie, Managing Director at Earthwise Products ltd, comments, “The time of the year and change in FIT payments means that this is a great time for installers to revisit existing customers and sell the benefits of maximising their PV investment with a SOLiC 200.”

The SOLiC 200 automatically provides free hot water from new and existing PV panels, by offering the home’s excess solar energy to the immersion heater circuit instead of allowing it to be exported to the grid.

The SOLiC 200 is the most efficient device of its kind on the market as it operates with a zero export threshold – saving hundreds of pounds more than its main competitors over its lifetime.

The SOLiC 200 is manufactured in the UK and complies with CE and British Standards. The unit has been engineered to last the life of a solar installation (25 years) and includes a reassuring 10-year return-to-base guarantee as standard.