SOLiC 200 Facelift

SOLiC 200 Facelift

Earthwise Products Ltd is proud to announce the relaunch of the award-winning SOLiC 200 following a redesign and streamlining of exterior casing, function and packaging.

Following an extensive consultation with distributors and installers, the SOLiC 200 now has a sleek, consumer-friendly design with a single installation option and a simplified closure.

Iain McRitchie, Managing Director of Earthwise Products Ltd, comments, “We’ve listened to the feedback from our dedicated installers and have simply given the SOLiC a facelift, removed the off grid mode and made the lid easier to secure with a single screw.”

Iain continues, “We’re immensely proud of the SOLiC, not least because we manufacture it in the UK, but also because of our commitment to guarantee the SOLiC for 10 years.”

Earthwise Products Ltd launched the SOLiC 200 in November 2012.

The SOLiC 200 is a proportional immersion heater controller that diverts excess solar energy to the immersion heater circuit before it’s exported to the grid.

The SOLiC operates with a zero export to the grid which has been achieved by the SOLiC 200 checking itself 20 times a second. As a result, the SOLiC 200 is one of the most efficient devices on the market. The SOLiC 200 is manufactured in the UK and complies with CE and British Standards. The ruggedized unit has been engineered to last the life of a solar installation (25 years) and includes a 10 year return to base replacement guarantee.