Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my SOLiC 200 is showing three red lights?
If your SOLiC 200 has been working fine, but suddenly shows three red lights, it needs to be recommissioned:
Commissioning the SOLiC 200
1. Ensure the water in the immersion tank requires heating
2. Ensure house is drawing at least 500W power
3. Turn off the solar inverter and immersion circuit at the consumer unit (fuse board)
4. Turn on the immersion circuit at the fuse board
5. Allow 2 minutes for calibration
6. Turn the solar invertor on and wait three minutes

Why have all the lights on my SOLiC 200 gone out?
The most likely cause is that the fuse has blown. Please ensure you isolate the circuit at the fuse box before changing the fuse. The SOLiC 200 requires a 250V 500mA 20mm slow blow fuse.

Why is the mains light on my SOLiC 200 amber?
The SOLiC 200 has built-in heat protection. If the mains light is amber the SOLiC 200 is throttling back to prevent overheating. If the mains light shows amber on a regular basis, consider relocating the SOLiC to a cooler position or using spacing washers on the back of the unit to help keep it cool.