Case Studies

Case Studies

SOLiC 200 case study Stroud

Stroud District Council

Stroud District Council has been committed to investing in renewable energy for a number of years. However, when it transpired that less than half of the solar energy generated by PV installations on social housing was being used by residents, the council decided to maximise their solar investments by equipping 500 homes with their own SOLiC 200.

SOLiC 200 domestic case study

Domestic Installation

In 2012 Alan Davison had a 4KW south-facing solar system installed on his four bedroom house in Northumberland. Three years later, Alan decided he wanted to utilise the excess solar energy he was generating by diverting it all to his 160 litre immersion tank. Having researched various devices on the market, he opted for a SOLiC 200 and now gets hot water for the whole household at least nine months of the year.